Ryan Shazier

Pittsburgh Steelers 2x pro bowl linebacker shares insights on Dynamic Performance Development. Shazier suffered an spinal injury in 2017 causing him to become paralyzed with 20% chance of walking again.

Denzel Martin 

Pittsburgh Steelers defensive coach Denzel Martin shares his insights about Dynamic Performance Development.

Bud Dupree

Pittsburgh Steelers outside linebacker shares his insights on recovery, staying healthy, and achieve career best season. 

Eric Kochanowski

Due to  an invasive abdominal surgery Eric had daunted fears of impaired movement, scar tissue, possibility of reinjury, and never being him old self again. Eric followed Doctors orders to seek a knowledgeable trainer to ease him into exercise, reduce inflammation, and helped him reach goals he thought were once unattainable. 

Antoine Dion

 inactive lifestyle, weight gain, reduced flexibility, and being diagnosed with Chrons auto-immune disorder. Antoine knew it was time to regain the remote control of his life, and implement an exercise regiment. Antoine is down 10% body fat, increased over 8lbs of lean muscle mass, and drastically improved flexibility.  

Jasmine Smith 

Mother, entrepreneur, private chef, nutrition consultant, mentor .Chef Jae became slumped with work, resulting to her health being placed o the back burner of her hectic schedule.Chef Jae  received an individualized plan increasing her strength, stamina, range of motion, and reducing pain from previous injuries that weren't properly treated previously. 


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